Bulking up with hydroponic additives and supplements

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Hyalite hydroponic additives

From root stimulants to foliage enhancers. Hydroponic additives increase the nutrient uptake of your hydroponic plants, producing growth that is stronger and more stable, with more impressive yields of fruit and vegetables.

• Like hydroponic nutrients, additives provide essential elements to hydroponic gardens.

• Additives contain stimulants, enzymes, vitamins, silica, and amino acids.

• They also provide extra stimulation and energy to plants via microorganisms.

If you're unsure about what hydroponic additive to use in your system, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand. We have years of experience in helping our customers grow better hydroponic plants.

Types of hydroponic additives

Hyalite New Zealand stocks hydroponic additives to assist hydroponic gardens at any stage. Each additive has it own application and benefits, so be sure to contact our friendly team if you have any questions.

Root additives promote strong root growth and maximise crop growing speed.

Veg additives induce rapid vegetative growth and stronger plants.

Flower additives support fast, but stable budding and flowering.

Booster supplements aid plants at all growth stages, from planting to harvest.

Other supplements are available to support unique processes, like root cleaning, amino treatments, and silica supplementation.

For more information about available hydroponic additives, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand.

How to use hydroponic additives

Hydroponic additives are utilised before, after, or in tandem with hydroponic nutrients. This will largely depend on what you are planting, what nutrients you are using, and what you hope to achieve with your selected hydroponic additives.

• Talk to Hyalite New Zealand about what additives will work best with hydroponic system.

• Open your reservoir and test the temperature, water quality and pH balance.

• Add the advised amount of additives to your reservoir.

• Monitor your root, plant, and flower growth continually, and change additives if necessary.

Want to know more about hydroponic additives? Talk to the friendly team at Hyalite New Zealand. We can help you choose the right products to make sure that your plants hit the ground running,

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