If you’re like most Kiwis, then you probably eat plenty of fresh produce every day. According to a recent Horticulture New Zealand and Consumer NZ survey, four out of five residents buy fresh fruit and vegetables weekly and the majority prefer purchasing home-grown produce.

With more people starting to take an interest in where their food comes from as well as its quality and taste for the price being paid, many are opting to grow it themselves. A hydroponic garden is a popular choice for many as setting up a grow tent requires very little space.

With many people living in flats or shared living spaces, being able to nurture a hydroponic garden in a small space is something that’s very much required. After all, this soil and sun free method of growing fruit and vegetables is more likely to be popular with those who only have a small balcony or porch space to use.

Simply put, a grow tent is a completely self-contained space that provides the perfect environment for plant growth. But unlike a ‘standard’ grow tent, a hydroponic one can work with a smaller space better than a soil-based one.

Because plants don’t need to complete for soil nutrients and can be placed closer together, more plants can be planted in a smaller space. Provided one has adequate lighting and can manage the internal heat and ventilation, you can find an affordable grow tent from a popular brand like Jungle Room that is as small as 2" x 4" to a 10" x 10".

Not only does the size of your grow tent depend on your living space, but it also depends on what you intend to grow. You will also need to consider having electrical access (for air conditioning ventilation systems and grow lights) and whether your tent will get in the way of your day-to-day life.

Thankfully, starting small is the perfect way to get acquainted with the world of hydroponic gardening. You can always expand to a bigger tent or even eventually a grow room once you get the hang of it.