Additives are designed to be used in conjunction with base nutrients. Different plants require different nutrients and beneficial supplements and additives throughout their life cycles. It would be impossible for any company, regardless of how many extraordinarily intelligent scientists they employ, to produce one magic elixir to fulfill a plants nutritional requirements at every stage of its growth.

That's why we have a wide range of additives available to us. If they are used at specific times for specific reasons you will achieve the optimum out of your plant.

If you are a yield driven gardener, not only should you invest in a great additive product, you should find one that will stimulate beneficial microorganisms and promote their multiplication.

If the right quantities or types of additives aren't added at the right times, major issues can arise. If you add the wrong amounts you could reduce yield potential, and negatively affect the growth and development of your plant. It's important to follow the instructions on the packaging, but if you are unclear feel free to talk to one of our knoweldegable staff.

The correct quantities at the right times can also help to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Many of the ingredients in a complete additive recipe will be beneficial minerals, which means that they can help to compensate for other lacking nutrients or neutralise a possible toxicity.

Take a look at Veg Ignitor as a benchmark - it contains, among other things, seaweed extract, natural hormones, amino acids, enzymes and phytonutrients all of which preform daily miracles like cell wall strengthening, improved cell division, greater yield potential, nutrient uptake, increased vegetative growth and better root formation.

Certain additives promote root growth - making root systems thicker and stronger, and since roots are so delicate to begin with, any extra strength is a bonus. They help roots with nutrient uptake too, which is important because as we know, nutrient deficiencies will impact the size and quality of crops and yields. An ideal product for stimulating your roots is Root Nectar. Bigger roots = bigger fruits!

Other additives are thought to revive diseased and dying plants while others boost and activate a plants natural defence system, turning on their immune system, so to speak.

Then we have additive blends that aid in chelation, boost structural strength and encourage better growth.

Most quality additives will be derived from organic sources and are a step in right direction towards organic gardening practices.

Additives are considered even more important in hydroponic gardening practices than in traditional soil based farming – although it’s a certainty that the quality of our soil has great depreciated over the years and additives are a welcomed relief to today’s stressed soils– it does still contain traces of what these additive blends contain. Which all in all is better than nothing, but since with hydro our medium is inert, it falls to the grower to build an active life force within the hydroponic environment.

Good additives will also stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms and encourage their multiplication, which in turn will develop a hydroponic growing medium that's teaming with life and a replica of an abundant soil environment - only much, much healthier!

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