Finally spring is upon us, and soon winter will be a distant memory. As we move from the cold days and nights to warmer weather it is important to make sure we are moving enough air in our environment . It is important to have the air flow correct as it helps to control temperature, which is one of the key factors in plant health. We have a handy formula (attached below) for you to use to ensure you are making the right decision for your space. You need to make sure you are moving enough air to make it through the heat of summer, and you want a fan that will give you the ability to control your airflow and win the war against temperature fluctuations.


Don’t worry, here at Hyalite we pride ourselves on giving the best information possible to help you set up the ideal growing environment. We also pride ourselves on the range of products available to help you maintain a consistent and successful growing environment. We like to recommend using a versatile fan - either two speed or temp and speed controlled, or if you already have a fan you can purchase a fan speed controller. See below for our recommended controllable fans.


Vents 2 speed – Available in 100,125,150,200 and 250mm sizes
Vents temp and speed - Available in 100,125,150,200 and 250mm sizes
Mountain air whisper silenced fan (highly recommended) - Available in 150,200 and 250mm sizes