Growing plants is straightforward. It’s a science NOT an art! Yes believe it or not growing plants can be as simple as marmite on toast.

Plants require a light source for energy, water, nutrients and a couple of gasses. These few things are needed for the plant to carry out photosynthesis. For those of us that aren’t a walking dictionary, photosynthesis is the process in which plants use light to make food. It is a chemical process that uses the power from a light source to turn carbon dioxide into sugars that the plant cells can then use for energy.

Yup, the stuff you didn’t listen to at school is important after all.

Alright, so now you hopefully have a better understanding of photosynthesis we can carry on. In a grow room there is 3 factors you can have absolute control over:

-Light levels and lighting cycle



By doing your research on what lighting and light cycles best suits your plant (hps, mh, etc dont worry we can help you) you can create optimum light conditions for your plant. Although you can’t control how much nutrient your plant uptakes, you can control how much it is given and what kind of nutrients there is. Again, researching about the type of plant you are growing and its nutrient needs will be beneficial if you want to maximise your growth. The amount of water your plants are given, and the hard/softness of the water you give them can be controlled. Products like Nutrifield pH up and pH down help you raise or lower your pH.,and having a reliable ph meter will assist you in controlling this factor. Having your pH at a stable, controllable level helps assist with nutrient uptake and overall plant health. These 3 factors can be controlled by you, the grower, and are key in the health overall wellbeing of your plant.

There are 3 factors you have limited control over, but can greatly affect your plant. They are as follows:



-CO2 and O2 levels

Temperature and humidity can greatly affect your plants. If it’s too hot or too humid they will shut down and be unable to feed, resulting in a sick unhealthy plant. Fans and temperature/humidity gauges are you best bet to controlling these factors in your environment. Indoor grow rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made out of all sort of materials so for the best advice on what fans to use, and how best to set them up please come into your local Hyalite store and see our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They will assist you in getting the best set up for temperature and humidity control, at the best price. Remember photosynthesis? Then you will remember how important CO2 and the resulting O2 levels are in keeping a plant happy and healthy. These gasses are hard to control, but with a CO2 controller levels can be monitored and tweaked to better suit your plant. O2, or oxygen, is most valuable to your plant at night. This is because your plant consumes oxygen at night as part of the respiration process, remember plants are a living thing like you and I. The best way to ensure your plants oxygen demands are met is by making sure fresh air is always circulating in your grow room. Once again all grow rooms are different, so for the best advice possible on what systems to set up please pop into your local Hyalite store and speak with our staff, they will be happy to help!

Hopefully the above information has helped you to understand how you can better optimize your indoor growing room for bigger and better results from your plants. Remember growing is a science, not an art, and by furthering your understanding of the plant word you can help your plants reach their full potential.