Hydroponic substrates unearthed

The ground level of your hydroponic garden

High quality substrate from Hyalite

Quality hydroponic substrates are the cornerstone of successful gardens. Substrates, or growing media, are the materials that supports strong plant growth. This material can vary from garden to garden, depending on what your plants require.

• Hydroponic substrates are usually a mixture of materials including soil, wood. compost, fibres and moss.

• Growing media supports plant growth, allows root development, and provides nutrients to plants.

To foster the best possible growth and yield for your plants, it's important that your substrate is of the highest quality. For expert advice on which substrate is right for your hydroponic garden, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand.

How hydroponic substrates work

Hydroponic operations typically produce larger plants and better yields than traditional gardening methods. Hydroponic substrates need to facilitate and nurture this intense growth.

• Growing media is selected and then placed within hydroponic pots and buckets.

• Roots grow throughout the spaces between the growing media, allowing water and air to move freely.

• Microorganisms within the hydroponic substrate supply the plants with nutrients.

For more information about the science behind substrates and growing media, contact Hyalite New Zealand.

Types of hydroponic substrates

Hyalite New Zealand stocks many types of hydroponic substrates and growing media, each with its own unique application and biological composition.

Propagation substrates have varying capacities of water retention, pH levels and drainage.

Grow wool substrates provide robust growth with access to ideal balances of water and air.

Coco coir substrates use the unique organic properties of coconut husks to produce strong plants.

• Other growing media like worm castings and mineral mixtures will yield healthy growth.

If you're unsure about what substrate to use in your garden, contact Hyalite New Zealand. Our friendly team can offer accurate, expert advice on the right products to use to achieve the best possible results in your hydroponic garden.

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