Enlightened growing with hydroponic lights

Make your garden shine with hydroponic light systems

Hyalite hydroponic lights

Hydroponic lights provide fuel and food to the plants in your hydroponic garden. Lights supply your plants with energy and heat, beginning the biological process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the transformation of light into sustenance for plants, algae and bacteria.

• Lamps provide light, which is absorbed by the plants and converted into chemical energy.

• This chemical energy produces carbohydrates when plants aren't receiving light in the 'night cycle'.

• These carbohydrates are used by the plants to aid growing, flowering, and fruiting.

Different lamps and cycles are used to produce optimal growth rates and yields, depending on what you have planted. For more information about how light works in hydroponic systems, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand.

Hydroponic lighting elements

Most hydroponic lighting systems are comprised of four essential elements:

Timers control the artificial day and night cycles needed to support photosynthesis.

Ballasts initiate and provide a stable electric current to hydroponic light lamps.

Hydroponic LED lamps deliver light energy to the plants.

Reflectors disperse light energy over a greater area.

Hydroponic light systems also come in complete lighting kits. For expert advice, get in touch with the staff at Hyalite New Zealand. Our friendly team can offer you accurate advice on what your set up requires to reach its full potential.

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