Hydroponic nutrients - food for thought

Nourishing, nurturing nosh for your plants

Hyalite hydroponic nutrients

Developed to work with your substrates, hydroponic nutrients are the food that fuels your hydroponic garden. These base nutrients have been specifically designed to deliver optimum growth performance and greater yields for hydroponic plants.

Hydroponic nutrients differ from other plant foods. They allow the grower with complete control over the plant in all stages of growth. High quality hydroponic substrates should:

• Be suited to your growing media, set up, and plants

• Be water soluble, so that nutrients can be absorbed by the roots of the plant

• Contain a mixture of base elements, including calcium, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, phosphorous, and sulphur

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Types of hydroponic nutrients

There are several types of hydroponic nutrients available, each with their own specific application for different growth stages, plant varieties, and hydroponic garden set ups.

1-part hydroponic nutrients are the primary organic compounds used by plants in their vegetative and flowering states.

2-part hydroponic nutrients stimulates fruit growth, and fosters healthier flower size, quality and formation.

4-part hydroponic nutrients are premium products that offer rapid, enhanced growth at all major stages of the growth cycle.

For more information about hydroponic nutrients, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand.

How to use hydroponic nutrients

The correct application of hydroponic nutrients will vary from garden to garden. Getting the right mix of nutrients and growing media can take a bit of trial and error. Here are a few simple steps to follow if you are just starting out.

• Based on your requirements and professional advice, select your hydroponic nutrients.

• Check the water quality and temperature of your reservoir.

• Make a note of the acidity and alkalinity of the water by measuring its pH level on a scale of 0 to 14.

• Add the requisite amount of nutrients to your reservoir.

• Continually monitor your plant growth, and consider supplementing your nutrients with additives.

For accurate product information, and a thorough guide on how to use hydroponic nutrients, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand. Our team have extensive experience with nutrients and additives, and can help you achieve strong, stable growth.

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