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Rock Absorbalight 1L

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Rock Absorbalight 1L 

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Product Code: B3730

Absorbalight is designed for the foliar application of phosphorus and potassium to your plants at all stages of growth. These are essential nutrients that form the building blocks for your plants to reach their full biological potential. 

Rock Absorbalight is a nutrient Supplement which feeds plants through the foliage rather than through the roots. Rock Absorbalight will increase light absorbing chloroplasts, increase light interception and utilization while providing your plants with necessary nutrients, amino acids and protein production. 

Rock Absorbalight maximizes your plants natural response to artificial plant lighting.

It is also beneficial when growing outdoors to absorb maximum exposure to natural sunlight. It can be used in the smallest of areas such as grow huts and tents, where space is an issue restricting artificial light. It allows more light to be absorbed, even when using a single 400 or 600 watt lamp enabling your plants to achieve their maximum natural photosynthetic power.

Height 15
Width 6
Length 10
Weight 1.2

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