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Systems & Pots

Maximise yield with hydroponic pots and tents

​Must-haves for your hydroponic net pot system

Hydroponic pots systems

All plants need regular access to water, nutrients, sunlight and optimal external conditions. For delicate hydroponic systems, there needs to be a stable environment where the plants can receive these supplies, as well as the care and maintenance they need to grow.

Hydroponic pots and buckets are essential elements in all hydroponic plant systems, providing gardeners with full control over the development and growth of plants. Hydroponic net pots perform a variety of functions, including:

• Providing a safe space for growing media to be contained,

• Fostering healthy plant growth and development, and,

• Ensuring roots have stable conditions for moisture, temperature and nutrient control

The application of pots and buckets varies with different hydroponic systems. Choosing the right size and shape of pots and buckets is vital for the plant's development, growth and yield.

For expert advice on adding hydroponic pots and buckets to your new or existing system, call Hyalite New Zealand on 0800 HYALITE, or contact us via our website.

Other useful products

Hyalite New Zealand also stocks a vast range of products related to hydroponic pots and buckets. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to expand your existing garden, we can help you find the perfect product to fit your vision. Browse our online catalogue for our selection of:

Grow tents

Hydroponic kits

• Saucer systems

Reservoirs and tanks

If you have a particular system or set up in mind, Hyalite New Zealand has the products and expertise to help you achieve your goal. Call us on 0800 HYALITE or get in touch with our friendly team for everything you need to help your plants reach their full potential.

Pro Pot System

The newly patented Pro Pot System developed by Nutrifield is the next generation of hydroponic pots systems. The system is designed for easy use by any level of gardening experience, and boasts many great features, including:

• Quick installation for any size garden

• Easy flow nutrient solution supply

• Easy return to waste or recirculating systems

• High quality plastic design

• Added features to improve plant growth and yield

To learn more about this exciting new system, get in touch with Hyalite New Zealand. We can offer advise on the best products to use for what you want to achieve with your hydroponic system.

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