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Nutrifield AutoFeed by Autopot 4 Pot System Boxed

" I have now completed a grow with this so can testify it works. Only downside is the taps are rubbish so I replaced them with a 1/4" inline valve commonly available from plumbing supplies and 2x Hansen 6mm hose tail P/N HHT06 which fits the included blue hose. Use plumbers tape with this and you are good to go. "

Verified Customer

Nutrifield Coco Premium 50L RHP certified

" Great product! "

Verified Customer

Nutrifield AutoFeed by Autopot Aquavalve 5

" Love the Aqua valve 5 slowly changing over to them with all my Autopots "

Verified Customer

OCD Deo Max Cube Lemon

" Amazing product absolutely works on all odors "

Verified Customer

Root Blast 400gm

" Good stuff easy to use and find. "

Verified Customer

Blumat Digital Moisture Meter

" Blumat Digital Moisture Meter is a must have for anyone starting out growing in soil. Really helps get your head around healthy watering practices to keep your plants thriving and happy. Great service and a great price from Hyalite. "

Verified Customer

Hydro Axis Tent Net 120x120cm

" Fits nicely. Bungee-cord material, white in color, adequate clips. "

Verified Customer

Nutrifield AutoFeed by Autopot Potsock Square Suits 8.5L and 15L

" Fast delivery A++ service "

Verified Customer

BudTrainer BudClips™ 20pk - Universal Low Stress Training LST Clips

" Absolutely a game changer Thanks guys Hayden "

Verified Customer

Hydro Axis Rope Ratchet 1/8 Push Button (2/PK) 35 kg

" Good rachets and not fiddly like some others. "

Verified Customer

Zebra Hydro Film 250um 3m x 3m Sheet (Thick) Panda Film

" Handy pre-cut sizes, the 250micron is thick enough to staple. "

Verified Customer

Hydro Axis Computer Axial Ball Bearing Fan 100mm - 4 Inch

" This fan is 120mm, not 100mm as stated here and on the unit. Its early days but so far this does what I wanted it to ie: move hot air from a propagator dome switched by an Inkbird controller. I would have given it top rating if it came with a pair of grills which would be a useful inclusion. But I can buy those separately. "

Verified Customer

Grotek Vitamax Plus 1L

" Awesome product! "

Verified Customer

Saboten Scissors PT-1 160mm Straight

" Light as a feather, comfortable, sharp and precise. Pair with scissor scrubber system for maximum efficiency. "

Verified Customer

Hailea Water Chiller 130A 130L 1/15HP

" Competitive pricing and excellent shipping options. Can’t wait to receive! "

Verified Customer

Bluelab Ph Pen

" Seems like a high quality instrument with clear instructions. Plastic body seems like a nice hard polymer not cheap ABS. "

Verified Customer

Hydro Axis Oscillating Clip Fan 225mm

" Cool product "

Verified Customer

Hortitek Growsaber 10W LED 6500K 300mm

" In good package and condition. Quality of the product was great. "

Verified Customer

Nutrifield Feeder Ring Horseshoe (suits 27ltr Pro Pot)

" Awesome team to deal with, great product range "

Verified Customer

4mm Barbed Joiner

" Been using these with my Autopots they are great "

Verified Customer

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The largest hydroponics retailer in the Asia-Pacific

We’re part of The Dome Group, the largest hydroponics retailer in the Asia-Pacific. You can find our quality products in stores across the Eastern states of Australia as well as in New Zealand. You can shop our range of over 200 of the best hydroponics brands. 

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