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Aptus Base 1L

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Aptus Base "liquid" is a 100% mineral based fertiliser compatible with all growing mediums and hydroponics system.

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Product Code: A1100

BASE is the only base nutrient product you need to use from the beginning of vegetative growth until the end of the fruiting and flowering phase. Compared to other competing products requiring you to purchase up to four separate bottles, Base is a 1 part, liquid fertiliser for both grow and bloom.


Aptus Base is easy to use throughout your plants’ growth cycle. Simple add at the rate of 1 ml per litre throughout and up to a maximum of 2 ml per litre if needed. Enjoy low dilution ratios and high mineral stability throughout a wide pH range. Whatever your growing method, Aptus Base will impress. 

Height 26cm
Width 8cm
Length 8cm
Weight 2kg

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