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EC Plastic Inline Fan 6' 150mm W/Controller

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EC Plastic Inline Fan 6' 150mm W/Controller

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EC Plastic Inline Fan 6' 150mm W/Controller
The EC Motor Fan with Premium Plastic Housing and Intelligent Control

Unlock the full potential of your hydroponics setup with this cutting-edge Electronically Commutated (EC) Motor Fan. This powerhouse combines superior engineering with intelligent control, offering precise temperature and humidity programming, speed control, timing, and alarm features. All in a budget package!

Key Features:
Voltage: 110-240V
Power: 70 watts
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Speed: 2800 RPM
Noise Level: 32 dB
Air Flow: 402 CFM

Why Choose Our EC Motor Fan for Hydroponics?

Optimised Climate Control: Maintain the perfect environment for your hydroponic plants by programming the fan to adjust speed based on temperature and humidity. Achieve optimal growing conditions effortlessly.

Energy Efficiency: With intelligent control, the EC motor fan adapts to your needs, reducing power consumption and costs, while maximising efficiency.

Quiet Operation: Enjoy peace and quiet while your hydroponics garden thrives. This mid-range 402 CFM fan operates at a whisper-quiet 32 dB, ensuring minimal disruption.

Premium Plastic Housing: This fan's premium plastic housing is built to withstand hydroponic environments. It's corrosion-resistant and built for longevity, ensuring your investment goes the distance.

Applications Beyond Hydroponics:

While the EC Motor Fan is a game-changer for hydroponics, its versatility also extends to other applications:

Indoor Gardening: Ideal for indoor plant cultivation, ensuring your green haven flourishes.

Greenhouses: Keep your greenhouse climate perfectly controlled, promoting the growth of plants and vegetables year-round.

Server Rooms: Protect critical equipment by regulating temperature and preventing overheating.

Home Cooling: Enhance the comfort of your living spaces with efficient air circulation and low noise.

Wine Cellars: Maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels for preserving your wine collection.

Elevate your hydroponics setup with this smart, efficient, and sustainable product today.

About EC motors:

An electronically commutated (EC) motor is designed to run on an alternating current (AC) power supply, but it in fact bears a closer resemblance to a direct current (DC) motor. It is essentially a permanent magnet, brushless DC motor that incorporates on-board electronics. The added electronics allow an EC motor to combine the best features from both AC and DC motors, and then improve on them. For this reason, an EC motor is in a category of its own.

By utilising EC technology, EC fans are highly efficient and pay for themselves through lower operating costs and extended service life. They also provide many operational benefits that are often overlooked. Since EC motors produce less heat, their windings and bearings undergo less stress, which extends the life of the motor. The lower operating temperatures also contribute to higher system efficiencies, when used in cooling applications. Meanwhile, the quieter operation results in increased comfort of those nearby.

Height 28.000000
Width 27.000000
Length 35.000000
Weight 3.500000

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