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Grotek Solo Tek Bloom 1L

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Grotek Solo Tek Bloom 1L

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Grotek Solo Tek Bloom 1L

SOLO•TEK™ GROW / BLOOM - Nutrient Solution Solo•Tek™ Grow and Bloom are a versatile one part fertilizer pair that produce amazing results in soil / soilless grow systems. These fertilizers provide primary, secondary and trace nutrients in easily absorbable formulas to support robust growth and a great harvest. The Solo•Tek’s perform equally well as stand-alone fertilizers or as supplements during periods of rapid growth. Use the Grow formula from early transplant throughout vegetative growth and the Bloom formula during flowering. Discontinue use 1-2 weeks before harvest. Easy to use, even for the novice grower, Solo•Tek helps maximize your plant’s genetic potential. Use Solo•Tek with confidence for everything you grow.


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