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Seacliff Organics Worm castings 30L

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Seacliff Organics Worm castings 30L

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Seacliff Organics Worm castings 30L

Worm Castings are a great addition to any soil where you are growing a heavy feeding annually flowering plant. A simple way to add biodiversity to your soil. The worms are fed a thermophilic compost to give a superior worm casting. Worm castings contain concentrated nitrates, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

Our worm castings are sourced locally so you can be sure they are fresh and loaded with beneficial microbes and nutrients.

Worm castings can be used to create compost tea, as a key component in your soil media, or top dressed.

Please note, we pack our compost fresh so it can maintain the highest possible biological value, due to this there may be an extra day before dispatch.


For Compost Tea: Use 2 cups of worm castings to 20 litres of water. Add one tablespoon of molasses, bubble with high volume air pump for 36hrs.

For Soil Media: Use 15-20% worm castings

For Top Dressing: Use enough to make a 25-50mm thick layer at any time.

Weight 21.000

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